September 13, 2010

Album For Sale! [Renascent]

Due to Bandcamp's sudden threat to turn all of my free downloads into paid ones, I decided to go ahead and start selling my music properly. Renascent is now available for $3, or about as much as a gallon of milk costs. It contains remastered, super high quality (lossless if you choose to download in FLAC format) versions of all 14 songs, in addition to the original FLP project files used to create them. If you have ever wondered how I made a particular song, this might be another incentive to purchase the album. Note that these FLPs are released under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 license, so you can't go running off with them like free candy.

Track List:
1. On The Edge (2:56)
2. Renascent (4:06)
3. The Boundless Sea (6:49)
4. Duress (2:40)
5. Seaside Lookout (4:54)
6. Sapphire [Redux] (2:20)
7. Absolutia (3:04)
8. The Plea (3:46)
9. Now (2:34)
10. Alutia (4:10)
11. Rite (5:20)
12. Crystalline Cloudscape (4:04)
13. All Alone (3:06)
14. SunStorm (4:12)

Total Time: 56:44

Listen and Buy It Here

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