November 18, 2009

Origin of Bunny

Bunny seems to originate from the Scottish "bun" as a pet word for a rabbit in 1690, although it had previously been used for squirrels in 1587[source]. "Bun" also meant "Tail of a hare" in scottish, but the word might have its roots in either the french "bon" or possibly Scandinavian origin.

In other news, FUCK RAKNET. Seriously, that stupid library blows up if you so much as create one object before another, even when those objects seem to have nothing to do with each other, except for a hidden low level relationship you're never told about and is helpfully ignored in all the tutorials. Even some of the sample code I copied turned out to be fatally flawed. Thankfully i have now passed and successfully processed my first packet. All that means, however, is that I now get to implement 3 different plugins of varying complexity to do something you think would be simple - chatting. After that I have the joyous task of inventing my own interpolation algorithm for box2D, when I have had no experience with physics engines. Awesome.

Meanwhile, there have been no less then 5 sirens outside my window today, my roommate cannot stop playing his horribly broken electric guitar (that's not plugged into an amp, which means it sounds like someones dragging a guitar pick across sandpaper; BROKEN sandpaper), the food still sucks, and I just so happen to get the absolute lowest priority for class registration, and if I can't pull off the miracle of a schedule I've got laid out I'll never get out of this mess. Even then I am sorely disappointed in myself after my work ethic collapsed and I ended up sleeping for almost 12 hours yesterday (and managed to miss a philosophy homework assignment, but no one cares about that anyway). It's taken me 2 days to make 0.1% progress on my game. Fuck.

Sometimes I really wish I could just stop acting like a rational human being and scream everything I want to scream even if I know its wrong and then bawl my eyes out for no good reason.

Also I fixed the stupid comment box text. Its black now and much easier to read. please comment :C

- Get cUser Replicas to work
- Get Remote procedure calls to work
- Use RPC to implement chat using the cUser as a base
- Get the Router to work
- User the router for user specific messages
- Get Brick replica to work
- Define 4 levels of physics serialization
- Finish writing box2D networking interpolation hack
- process packets and implement interpolation on a simple level
- Network physics
- throw bricks
- Implement destructables
- Implement destructable serialization
- Implement a physics callback system

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