July 16, 2011


But hey we're all alive and everything eventually worked out. I got on the train and was 7 minutes late but they were like 7 minutes late picking me up after having barely found the train station on time after first having gone to the airport because ?????? So then they got lost trying to get back to the place they had already been to (the airport) because THAT FUCKING GUY WITH THE PINK HAIR (chris) wanted to use his STUPID PHONE instead of USING A GODDAMN MAP LIKE YOU SHOULD. We finally got to the airport and then Sam missed the turn so we almost LEFT the airport until I was like OK JUST FUCKING TURN RIGHT HERE OK? So then we turned around, managed to get into the airport parking, took a tram to the terminal, walked into the nearest door for baggage claim and exactly 3 seconds after walking inside there was a big fat announcement: "WILL SAMUEL BOYD, CHRIS icantremember, AND ERIK MCCLURE PLEASE PICK UP THEIR PASSENGER AT BAGGAGE CLAIM 8?" and we all RAN DOWN TO BAGGAGE CLAIM 8 to rescue zone WHO HADN'T SLEPT IN LIKE 40 HOURS. So then we got out of Portland, which I am now convinced was designed specifically to kill people, and it took like and hour and a half to get back home and we JUST BARELY got to the apartment before midnight and then we played games for two hours and passed out. And then we woke up like every 3 hours and SAM'S FUCKING SNORING KEPT WAKING ME UP OH MY GOD but eventually we sort of all got to sleep. Also the bathroom door squeaks.


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